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Legal Assistance for NRIs

Legal assistance aid is provided to NRIs who are unable to travel or spend time in legal representation and access/attend to the court system. The purpose of offering these services to NRIs who need legal assistance for themselves or their families in their absence. This way they can remain focused on their professional life and complete the work.

This legal assistance is offered in most major cities in India. The services will include terms of consulting services, legal advice, finding suitable and reliable lawyer or legal professional, legal documentations etc.

International Desi has created a pool of legal professionals such as retired judges, lawyers, counsels, legal assistants etc. These services are offered either by legal professionals from International Desi’s panel or third party legal professionals on a professional basis.

Please fill up Service Request Form to get the details.

If you have any queries, please send us email at – info [at] international-desi [dot] com or hongkong [dot] desi [at] gmail [dot] com

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