Buying a Car in Hong Kong


Owning a vehicle is not a priority in Hong Kong. The city is well-connected and small, making car ownership an unnecessary luxury. Hong Kong has an environment-friendly, economical, and efficient public transport system. Therefore, it is easy to get by without owning a car. However, purchasing a car appears attractive when an individual decides to live away from the city, or as families grow. Some precautions need to be taken before deciding on buying a car.

  1. You have to be a resident to purchase a new or used car in Hong Kong
  2. You need a local driving license and Hong Kong identity card
  3. You need to take an extra precaution while checking the mileage and history of vehicles
  4. Conduct search on the internet about the car mileage, condition, age, and model before initiating the purchase process
  5. Ask for a drive-in showroom or garage to check and test drive the vehicle to ensure it is in good condition
  6. Pay for a trusted mechanic, or get one from the Hong Kong Automobile Association, who does the following: 
  7. Organize road test
  8. Check suspension, brakes, tires, and wheels
  9. Inspects steering system, transmission, and air conditioning
  10. Check the cooling system, fuel system, and engine ignition
  11. Inspect electrical equipment, and the structure and body of the car

Hong Kong Automobile Association is accessed at


Tel: (852) 3583-3615/3469

Practical steps when purchasing a car

  1. Decide on affordability

Consider whether you have enough finances, especially when intending to take out a loan.

  • Select the car of your choice

A proper car needs to be fuel efficient and in good condition, particularly for second-hand vehicles

  • Source for funds to purchase the car

There are two options: The first is to get a loan through in-house financing. The second option is to get a loan from a bank, which can either be a secured vehicle loan or personal loan. It is good to read and understand the terms and conditions.

  • Obtain insurance coverage

It is mandatory to have insurance before driving off. Hong Kong requires all motor vehicles to have insurance coverage for third-party risks. Select insurance that satisfies your driving style. For further details, explore the insurance section in this book.


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