New UK Visa Scheme for World’s Top Universities Graduates


The UK government announced that “high-potential individual” from any country, will be eligible to apply visa under new scheme without having job offer. This scheme is introduced to attract “brightest and best” talent during early stage of their career.

The government says the “high-potential individual” route will attract the “brightest and best” early in their careers i.e. a graduate who graduated from top universities in last five years.

The visa duration will be two years for a bachelor’s or master’s degree holders, and three years for doctorate(PhD.) holders. After completing their initial visa period, the applicants can convert it into long terms employment visa if they meet the required criteria.

The UK government has published the list of eligible universities from 2021, published online by the government. This list has 20 US universities, including Harvard, Yale and MIT.

The University of Hong Kong, University of Melbourne and the Paris Sciences et Lettres University are also part of this list.


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