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From Har Ghar Tiranga to Har Mann Tiranga

Prime Minister and Indian Government have successfully launched Har Ghar Tiranga (tricolor in every home) because it reached to wider and deeper section of Indian society as one can see the tricolor in different forms in different level as Indians are celebrating Har Ghar Tiranga. Indians are not participating, but celebrating tricolor since Modi Government amended the Indian National Flag code and allowed every citizen to hoist in their home, work etc. by following the new Indian flag code.

We cover the details of Indian flag code –Har Ghar Tiranga article.

It took 75 years since independence to get the permission from Indian government to hoist Indian flag outside Government building and Institutions.

Check out few pictures and videos how to take this campaign to the next level and make India proud further…

Har Ghar Tiranga – How to contribute towards India’s growth?

Video and concept contributed by Ms Sandhya Jane



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