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Schoolings in United Kingdom

If you are relocating to UK, the biggest issue is schooling for your children. This article offers overview of British schooling system and schooling options to consider for your child.

UK Education System:

The education system in the United Kingdom (UK) is divided into four main sections i.e., primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. Although the system is divided into four, but within the primary bracket there are two systems. First one is simply a single primary school that admits children from ages 4 to 11. The second one is a split system, in which the primary age range is broken into prep schools for ages from 4 to 7 and junior schools for ages 7 to 11. These primary schools are smaller in sizes compared to secondary schools.

UK Law for Schooling:

It is mandatory (by law) for every child living lawfully in the UK, to attend primary and secondary education. It means a child must attend a school, approximately from age 5 years old till 16 years old.

Types of school:

Before you select your location, please review the schooling options as your address will determine your catchment school. You will have to justify if you wish to send out of catchment.

Secondary schools vary in their teaching and ethos based on their focus and faiths. Students starts selecting their ‘Strems’ or ‘focus’ by selecting their subjects or area of interests such as sports, academics, languages or arts etc.

UK education system offers various options when it comes to choosing best school for their child that fits their budget and belief. These school options are ranging from free school funded by government to expensive schools for elites. The schools are categorized as below.

  • Prep Schools
  • Public Schools (state schools, no fee paying)
  • Faith schools
  • Free schools
  • Academies
  • City technology colleges
  • State boarding schools
  • Private schools / independent schools (fee paying)

For more details, please visit – Schooling options in United Kingdom

UK School Fees:

Some schools offer day prep and boarding options. The prep fees could range from £10,000 to £20,000, however, it could more in London. The school fees for senior schools could range from £12,000 to £25,000 per annum andfrom £35,000 per annum to£45,000 per annum. You need to check the current cost as some schools may be exceeding this ranges.

There are state schools (free); independent schools (fee-paying). There are also “public” schools which confususingly are private and are expensive & posh. They start at 13 years.

Source – Best Schools in UK

UK School Uniform:

British school children require to wear uniforms.

School Lunch in UK:

You may send her in with a packed lunch or get free school lunches – these are available to all children up to age seven.

UK School Homework:

It is minimal in the early years i.e., until age 7. However, it increases after age 7 or 8, and more in later years in secondary school. The best way is to get your child used to some homework from the early age to get them used to the secondary school homework.


Selecting a school in UK:

The vast majority of people go to state schools. They have a catchment area – the best schools are hard to get in to unless you live very near.

UK School Rating:

You will find public reports (OFSTED, testing body) on schools on various websites and these reports are linked to the respective school. Many property sites such as; property sites such as Zoopla or UpMyStreet will link to the schooling reports.

Outstanding rated schools are probably considered as better than many private schools. Good rated schools are also second-best options. Just for a caution, the property prices around schools which are rated as outstanding, could be expensive.

We recommend you to check the Ofsted rating of the schools before you consider it and it can be accessed at their website – Ofsted – GOV.UK

Additionally, it is also recommended to visit the schools yourself and understand the school requirements as well your child’s needs. It may help you in when the Local Authority decided a school for your child as you cannot make unilateral decision on your child’s admission. The parents can appeal the decision if they are not comfortable the school offered by Local Authority.



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