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Dussehra-Milan, at Tokyo Japan

HSS Japan celebrated 7th Dussehra-Milan as India-Japan Cultural Event in the Vivekanand Culture Center, Embassy of Indian, Tokyo. This was also an important occasion as nearly after two and half years, any event by HSS could be conducted fully in offline (physical) mode. Recalling the concept of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” & “Sewa Parmo Dharamah”, several Japanese guests along with other nationalities and background were invited and felicitated for their valuable contribution to the society.

It was very pleasing experience for everyone to know about so many Japanese associations and individuals who have been spreading various colors of Indian culture in Japan. Where someone has been teaching Indian philosophy or doing research on Indian languages (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi & others), many Japanese dignitaries have been achieving new heights in promoting Yoga & Ayurveda in Japan. While some of them were spreading positive aspects of Indian via YouTube & other means of social media, some of the Japanese guests were engaged in Indian classical dance & music for more than 2 decades. On other hand, there were many Japanese who have been spreading the concept of “Vedas” and one Japanese couple was engaged in spreading the teaching of Bhagvad Geeta for more than 4 decades besides translating the same into Japanese. There was also a noticeable representation from Japanese political forum in terms of the former advisor of Late Shri Shinzo Abe and the participation from
Japan’s biggest Nationalist Group, Nippon Kaigi.

Japanese guests enjoyed the traditional Indian hospitality which started right from the Tika and beautiful Rangoli at the Reception.

Glimpse of Dussehra Milan 2022 by HSS, Japan

To make it apt on Dusshera Milan, Japanese team members of the very famous animation movie “Ramayana: The legend of Prince Ram ” joined the event. On a similar note, Mr. Hiroshi Koike, who directed the Mahabharat movie for Japanese audiences, also joined the event.
There were also a good number of participation from various noble souls who have recently started Hindu Temple projects in various parts of Japan including Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, etc.

Guests were felicitated by the special “Make in India” souvenirs from Rajasthan & Bihar which includes silver coin with Bharat Mata signage and HSS logo as well as handmade jute-bags and stole. Team HSS Japan took herculean task this year to present the glimpses of Indian folk dances from various states. Despite the time constraints, nearly 75 performers from 5 different parts in Tokyo and Yokohama joined their hands to tap their feet on 13 different Indian regional folk tunes. Result could be easily heard from the non-stop claps by Japanese and other guests. Not just cultural performance but there was also a well-researched academic summary of the historical journey of the relationship between two great Asia civilizations i.e., India & Japan presented by the children from HSS Japan.

In turn, Japanese guests too won our hearts by paying their obeisance to Bharat Mata portrait along with the photos of revered Dr Hedgewar Ji & Guru Ji.



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