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Latest Guideline for Inbound Travelers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Government has revised the guideline applicable as of 22nd Nov, 2022.

With improvement in Covid-19 cases, the PCR-based nucleic test is limited to twice, one on day 0 i.e. the day of arrival, and second one is on day 2. Please check the rules mentioned below and also check the step by step guide to be followed.

Step 1. Before you start your journey. Please take RAT test (either at hospital or at home using RAT kit) and upload your result along with your details and vaccination details, and at the link below:

Upload RAT test results taken within 24 hours of departure.

You will get the following type of green barcode when you have RAT negative test results.

Step 2: Undergo PCR-based nucleic test at airport (day 0) before you proceed for immigration.

Download the the Compulsory Quarantine Order / Notification of Medical Surveillance Download System (For Inbound Travelers) at here.

You will receive code that looks like “AE-123456”. You will have to use the last 4 digit of this code in the form for reporting RAT test everyday till Day 6 (0+6)

You will have Amber code with limited mobility during the next three days, if your test results are negative on day 0 and other two days.

Please check the restrictions during first three days(0+3) as below:

To know more about Amber code and related restrictions, please visit here.

You must download the “LeaveHomeSafe” App on your mobile if you intend to out. You need to scan the code outside the place you intend to enter. It must be done at the entrance where the barcode is displayed, the places where you are not permitted. (please check above link and picture refer this list.)

Please keep the SMS notification on to check the test result and other notifications.

Step 3: Upload RAT test results everyday for (0+6) days and self monitor your health and temperature. To know more, read here.

Step 4: Book your appointment to take PCR test to be taken Day 2 (0+2) at community center at here

(If you arrive on Saturday, you will have to take test on Monday morning and you will receive the test results on Tuesday.)

Step 5: You will receive the results. If your results are negative, you will receive blue (bar) code (Vaccine Pass Requirement Met) and you can move around without restrictions. However, you need to restrict and report your condition if you face any Covid-19 related symptoms.

Step 6: Take RAT test until Day 6 and upload in Medical surveillance System.

Monitor your health and stay safe.

To know about color codes in Covid-19 medical surveillance, please click here.

Disclaimer: Please read the information by visiting the links mentioned or Hong Kong Health Department website. This article is researched and written on 23rd, November, 2022. Please also check the Hong Kong website more latest updates, if any.

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