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International Desi Launches Summer Camp for kids on Sanatan Values for Successful Life (SVSL)

International Desi has launched a unique summer camp for kids to inculcate Sanatan Values to lead successful and meaningful life. These Summer Camp will be conducted in Hong Kong, Pune, New Jersey, London, Tokyo.

Dates: Hong Kong – 1st July – 10th July 2023

New Jersey – 12th July – 22nd July 2023

London – 1st Aug – 10th Aug 2023

Tokyo – 12th Aug – 22nd Aug 2023

About Us:

Beyond Boundaries, a part of International Desi promotes Sanatan (Hindu) knowledge, traditional teaching relevant to the modern world.

Indian philosophy has proven as successful and sustainable in today’s mindless chaotic world. We will plant and help sprout leadership seeds that transcend beyond schooling and studying.

To support children in their future vision, it is crucial to develop a strong mental and rational foundation during childhood.


Gita for children


Yoga and Mediation (advanced level of mindfulness)

Who we are – Glorious Indian History & leadership

Mantra Chanting

Enhancing critical thinking and personality



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