Our Commitment

It has launched by passionate team who have travelled and faced the difficulties in real life when they were traveling or relocating or living in new country.

Additionally, we have also started offering or recommending quality services needed by global Indians or NRIs on a regular basis.

The primary aim of International Desi is to support Indian travelers, global Indians or NRIs to settle comfortably in new country. This venture also extends support and usefulness to English-speaking locals, visitors, and tourists.

We have strongly felt that it is need of an hour to connect, compile, verify, useful information in a structured manner to support global Indians for their traveling or relocating or living in a particular country.

Therefore, we have complied useful information about Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London in a structured manner and under one umbrella, which will be shared on going basis. We will add other cities soon.

Some information, such as a list of school, list of hospitals, list of banks, government offices or policies, etc., will remain unchanged unless there are any updates. However, some parts of the information, such as new career options, new restaurants, new regulations, etc., will change.

City Guide We have been successfully publishing Hong Kong Guide since 2019. We will now extend this services to other cities such as New York, Tokyo and London. These are not purely a directory, but a guide that provides information that we are presenting after extensive research by various sources.

We tried to refer information from various sources, such as directories, community and business groups, websites, blogs, guides, and other objects linking large amounts of information to people, community, places, businesses, and organizations. All these resources assembled here are mainly related to global cities and can be referenced to by anyone in need.

However, the information is limited in scope and coverage for the topics due to space and budget, and we shall try to improve over time.

Additionally, the information also includes first-hand experiences of information providers. It also includes data on service providers in a directory format in the last section.

Lastly, we also recognize the needs of quality and authentic services such as domestic travel, senior citizen services for parents and relatives, health or medical services, and finance, legal, shipping services etc., in India. Our staff has reviewed and verified third party services before recommending them to you.