International Desi has launched Hong Kong Guide in 2020, 2021 and now gearing up for 2022. We are also in the process of launching Tokyo Guide and New York Guide for 2023.

We have created a platform on telegram and whatsup, Facebook etc. to offer latest news and updates, which is relevant to global Indians.

Beyond Schooling a services for Indians to strengthen their foundation in various subjects such as maths, Vedic maths, English, science, analytical skills, etc., to excel in their academic and stay ahead in global academic environment. 

Global Indian parents feel their kids are missing out on knowing and learning Vedic knowledge to their kids. This is an opportunity for children between 5-15 to learn Vedic Sanatan Dharma and Sankriti to carry on our legacy. Also, use this traditional knowledge and blend it in modern academic life to excel in their career.

We have several success stories of creating a confident children who feel not only comfortable, but also proud of rich Indian legacy. 

We teach on line as well as offline. Offline courses add value as they are delivered in gurukul system that brings overall changes in the children.