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Sponsor – Mrs Purviz Shroff, MH

For dedicating a lifetime of community service in Hong Kong... Mr. and Mrs. Rusy Shroff have donated multimillion-dollar sums to services for the elderly, youth,...


Housing Options In The USA

When it comes down to housing, every country has its options that are open...

Insurance In The US

The issue of insurance is very important in most countries around the globe, yet people have little to no knowledge about them. In this article, we will be highlighting how insurance works in the United States of America.

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List of Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools

United Christian College (Kowloon East): it's a DSS run coeducational school which aims in building a strong foundation to the students for their future...


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Dance Classes in Hong Kong

Dancing is an important part of hobby, relaxing and socialising activity as it connect heart and people. Dancing is also main attraction of party. DANCETRINITY...


Housing Options In Japan

When it comes down to housing, every country has its options that are open to residents. However, they may either be alike in some aspects or different from one country to the next.

Schooling In Japan

The issue of educational systems varies from one country to the next. And, in order not to get overwhelmed with how they work, we will be providing a detailed outline of the schooling system in countries like Japan.

Buying A Car In Japan

Do you want to buy a car and have no idea where to begin? Well, if you happen to be in Japan, we have good news to share with you. In this article, we will be taking a good look at how you can buy a car in any of these countries. If you are ready to be enlightened then keep reading.

COVID-19 measures in Japan

While the Covid 19 pandemic caused immense havoc in terms of life toll, downfall of businesses and economy, it has certainly made human community, to rethink and prioritize healthcare infrastructure besides strengthening the capacity to build state of the art make-shift arrangements as demand swore with time. This would emphasize on the fact how governments across the world, took to bring out significantly huge capacities of healthcare infrastructure in a bid to combat Covid pandemic, as number of cases continued to rise overnight.

How to apply new or convert the existing Driversโ€™ licence in Tokyo?

While relocating to a different land may take a lot of hassle and several aspects to be cared for, the most crucial aspect that one has to take care of is to set your documents right and as per the legal proceedings of the land you relocated to. Driver's license is one of the key process to be completed after relocation.

Holiday Recipes

Introduction: Indian samosa has become popular Indians food and has an origin in medieval times or earlier. It is either fried or baked with various...

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