Housing Options In The USA


When it comes down to housing, every country has its options that are open to residents. However, they may either be alike in some aspects or different from one country to the next.

In this article, we will be taking a comprehensive look at the housing options available to you in the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States. Keep reading.

Housing Option In The US

The housing prices in the United States when compared to the average wages are quite affordable. Nevertheless, the cost is dependent on the location, and the type of accommodation you want.

You will find different types of houses in the US ranging from the white picket fence home in the suburb down to the modern loft apartment downtown.

However, before you make a big decision on the type of place you desire to live in, you have to consider whether you will be renting or buying. It does not matter whether you are a US local or a foreigner, the contracts and procedures are the same.

Plus, one cannot be denied tenancy just because of your country of origin. But, the major difference may as well be in the number of documents you will need to present before you sign the lease and of course, the size of your security deposit.

It is hard to determine the average rental price in the US due to the diverse renting options. Note that, US rent prices are dependent on the property type and where they are located.

For a single-bedroom apartment, the median rent is roughly $900-$1000. While the median rent price for all property types is practically around $1700. For those renting, you have to research the neighborhood and the type of housing available.

You can work with an expert relocation service provider or a real estate agent for the rental process to go smoothly. However, you can depend on online tools and social media when searching on your own.

And, when you find a place you must be aware of the type of tenancy contract you are signing. The most common type is a lease and it lasts for a specific amount of time, could be six months, one year, or even longer.

If you are renting, the documents you will need to provide are:

•          Your passport

•          Your proof of employment. It could be your employment contract or a letter from the employer

•          Your social security number, if you have gotten it

•          Your financial information. It could be the proof of support or your bank statement.

•          The contact information of former landlords

Note that, your rental contract should have, the length of the contract, the new contract obligations, the due date for rent, a termination clause, a payment method, security deposit, and much more.

Have it in mind that, the US laws on tenancy are practically pro-tenant. There is the  fair housing act that prohibits every landlord from discriminating based on race, gender, disability, family status, religion, and even origin.

More so, if a short-term rental is what you are after, then the document you need is simply a proof of ID. In other news, if you will prefer to buy a house, the documents you will need are:

•          Your proof of ID

•          Your most recent pay stub

•          Your social security number or the individual taxpayer identification number

•          Your bank statements

•          Your tax return forms.

Bear in mind that, buying a home in the US will not grant you citizenship or permanent residency.

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