Life of a child is a blank canvas where parents, grandparents and teachers write or draw by adding stories, images, ideas, etc.. The child learns these concepts over time, and later turns those concepts into beliefs in life. There was a time when elders in the family would put effort in teaching Sanatan wisdom by telling Vedic and Puranic stories, hymns and rituals providing a comprehensive worldview to children beyond materialism. 

In most families, all these processes of teaching wisdom in this way was done before 10. This is how the child understood the rights and the wrongs, family history, family beliefs and developed his or her understanding of life. Also known as sanskars in India, it was in turn responsible for building the strength in their character. 


Until the 90s, grandparents were part of most families in India. They took the leading role in inculcating the sanskars that included both behavior and beliefs of children. Many of them took efforts to teach Vedic and Puranic wisdom via stories, hymns and 

This was a well planned family system in India which helped Hindus to carry forward the religions, rituals, knowledge base and crux of life. Parents did play a role; however, their role was limited as they had to focus on earning and livelihood.


In the absence of grandparents in nuclear families and with lack of interest and patience in modern parents, it has now become difficult to continue this process of imparting this knowledge to children. There is a potential risk of losing the knowledge and wisdom needed for survival. There is a significant gap in understanding of core Vedic knowledge and sanskars among children compared to previous generations.

Additionally, the absence of gurukulas, which also played a significant role in imparting this knowledge and sanskar to children, is also responsible for the loss of this learning. Most modern schools are not interested in teaching this knowledge. Even parents are not interested in investing time and money in their child’s well-being through these teachings. 

This way, our cultural and intellectual heritage roots, that used to run deep and strong in Indian families and education systems, are getting diminished. The character building process through Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas and Panchtantra is significantly hampered. 


Modern children, with lack of knowledge and wisdom from parents, grandparents and gurus, succumb to learning from external sources, develop western beleifs or distorted views and are moving away from sanatan sanskars.

Historically, even in Gurukula, the basics of sanskars came from the teachings of the Ramayana, Mahabharat and Bhagavad Gita. The children also learned the Vedas, Upanishads along with math and science. Thus, in addition to teaching regular subjects and skills, the gurukuls also helped in building the foundations for a fulfilling life. The Sanatan Dharma teaching is usually imparted by sitting down near a spiritual master and receiving instructions from him or her.


It is the Sanatan knowledge that over the period of time made its way into the ancient history of India. It was in scriptures, puranic stories, epic poems such as Ramayana and Mahabharata, story books such as Panchtantra and also became part of life wisdom.

Jijamata, Shivaji Maharaj’s mother, hired Krishna Ji Pant to teach Sanatan knowledge and wisdom to Shivaji Maharaj when he was young. Jijamata ensured Shivaji Raje received holistic training to build his physical, emotional, and mental development. These teachings helped Shivaji Maharaj lead his army and ministers and lay the strong foundation of the Maratha empire.

If you want to see your child become an outstanding leader, impart this Sanatan knowledge.

If you want your child to have strong mental and emotional balance, inculcate Sanatan wisdom

If you want your child to lead a focused and content life, teach them the value of karma and dharma.

If you want your child to navigate life’s complexities, introduce them to ancient wisdom.

In order to contribute to society, you should set strong foundations for your children and teach them not only whatever is needed but what is actually the best. We are conducting in person classes for three weeks in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Please use this link to enroll – CLICK HERE  

Sandhya Jane

Mentor and Consultant


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