Housing Options In The UK


Not to forget, you will have to decide if you will need a short-term or long-term rental, or if you will need an unfurnished or furnished house or apartment. In the United Kingdom, you will find diverse types of houses. They include:

•          Cottages

•          End of terrace

•          Terrace

•          Semi-detached, and;

•          Detached.

More so, the prices differ depending on your area of choice, the city and the kind of house you want. In the UK, you can rent a house and it could be a short-term rental. The thing you should know about short-term rentals is that you can get to find temporary rentals on some platforms such as Airbnb, Homestead, or even VRBO.

The apartments that are put up for short-term lease come furnished and simpler to secure.

This is the alternative to go for if you are waiting for your shipped goods to arrive or if you need to take some time to get the ideal permanent accommodation you desire.

When going for the short-term rental, the documents you will need entail showing your government ID and a verified account on every platform. The short-term tenancy lasts for six months and under.

Those that are offered for six months and up to a year are normally marketed as a medium-term while if it exceeds one year, it is known as a long-term let.

As for the price, the average price for a single night in a home listed on the Airbnb site in a place like London is £137. While the median for long-term rentals in the capital is £1700.

For those who may want to rent an apartment or a house in the UK, you should know that the market has large variations that are majorly dependent on the location. This means that the properties located in sought-after areas in London will get to be one hundred times costlier than those in the North of England.

If you are relocating to the United Kingdom as a temporary move, it is best to rent a place. This is because it is faster to find a house for rent than one that is for sale. Plus, the landlords are responsible for the majority of the upkeep of the property.

The landlords have a legal duty of care which means they must guarantee that the property is maintained to specific standards. They will be responsible for repairs to:

•          Hot water

•          Sinks, toilets, baths, and basins

•          Drains, external pipes, and gutters

•          Gas appliances, and even;

•          The exterior and structure of the property like the walls, stairs, windows, and the like.

However, if you are going to buy a property, it is still ideal that you rent first and have a better knowledge of your surrounding. When you find a place to rent, you are to proceed to sign the rental contract.

Be careful with documentations

The majority of the contracts are for one semester or one year, and at the end, you can decide to extend your stay. It is advisable that you carefully read through your contract.

And, you will need to pay a security deposit that is normally equal to your month’s rent. Some documents you will need for renting are:

•          Proof of legal work visa or permit

•          Copy of employment contract

•          Proof of earnings

•          References from former landlords

•          Letter of confirmation of employment from your employer

•          Proof of ID

More so, the rental contract should have some information such as:

•          The address of the rental property

•          Security deposit and the conditions to get it back

•          Dates of ending and beginning of the rental contract

•          The rental fees with payment dates

•          Your name and that of the landlord, plus contact details

•          The dates and frequency of rental review

•          The deposit protection scheme. Note that, your landlord is obligated to legally place the rental deposit in a DPS.

•          Any extra fees

•          Subletting rules, and;

•          The person responsible for the different repairs

It is advisable that before you finally move in, you should make an inventory of the items you found in the house and the conditions you met them. Like this, you can get the deposit back when you are ready to leave.

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