Top Travel Destinations Post Covid Era


After roughly two years of cruise cancellations, travel restrictions, and border closures, 2022 is the year where we get our hopes out there and travel to our favorite destinations.

Even though the hospitality industry was hit terribly by the pandemic, most of them used the forced lockdown to renovate their rooms, add some amenities, and even expand their outdoor spaces.

Travel Destinations You Will Love

Irrespective of the type of destination you want, we are going to help you turn 2022 into the year you travel to some amazing places. Without further ado, the top travel destinations post-Covid era we have for you are:

1.         Abruzzo, Italy

It must be noted that Abruzzo stretches from the heart of the Apennines down to the Adriatic Sea on the Eastern peninsula side of Italy.

As one of the overlooked destinations even with its picturesque Trabocchi coast, Italy has moved from being a sleeping underdog to a highly ambitious harbinger of conscious hospitality, slow travel, and sustainable gastronomy.

When you get to Abruzzo, you are surely going to enjoy your visits to sites like the Villa Corallo; the nineteenth-century mansion close to Civitella del Tronto. There is also the Dimore Montane, which is an eco-lodge that was opened in 2020.

You will find it in the Majella National Park as it offers environmentally friendly facilities with zero-waste policies. For food you will love Bottega Culinaria,situated in San Vito Chietino.

2.        Mysore, India

India has thousands of tourist attractions and choosing one out of them is difficult tasks. It will take 10-12 trips to India to just cover the major tourist attractions. After covid-19, India is safer place to visit due to mass vaccinations and effective covid management strategy by Government of India.

Mysore is culturally rich city in Southern part of India. It is famous for Mysore palace, a world heritage-listed palace, high-quality silk, Hindu temples, Mysore Painting traditions. You will be memorized by carved wooden doors, intricate mosaic floors, mirror decor. The While culturally different, South India is as enchanting as the north–just visit Mysore to see for yourself.

3.        Alaska

When international borders were shut down during the lockdown, many people in the US turned to Alaska. You may be wondering what this state has to offer and we will surely let you know that it is popular for its towering yet snow-capped peaks, and huge national parks, and does not require a passport to enter.

However, with the borders being open you can always pay a visit to Alaska. According to its tourism board, they are projecting more than 1.57 million cruise ship passengers may visit southeast Alaska during the summer.

For those interested in the cruise ships, you can try out Windstar Cruises, Hurtigruten, or even the UnCruise as they keep rolling our new itineraries. Soon enough, Alaska’s biggest and oldest winter festival will be back. And it is known as Fur Rendezvous.

During this festival you will love activities such as the Outhouse Races, Running of the Reindeer, and even the great Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

4.        Antarctica

With the lookdown, people began having good reasons to visit Antarctica in 2022. They go there to see how the penguins, seals, and whales will react after not being able to see humans for close to two years.

Well, you can get your boots ready and get on the new polar class expedition ships. This year, there will be Viking Expeditions for the first time with the twin 378 passenger expedition ships.

You may join other expedition ships like the Le Commandant Charcot that had eco-friendly sailing, or you can try Quark’s Expedition’s Ultramarine for intriguing heli-hiking adventures.

5.        Anguilla

As a smooth-going Caribbean gem, you can get to Anguilla with American Airlines or Private Charter flights. While there, you can visit the recently opened Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club which has a fleet of jets that will ferry you and other guests from United State cities.

This Resort will give you a chance to visit some restaurants that are being overseen by Chef Abram Bissell. If you need a boutique luxury resort then you can try Quintessence. It has perks such as butler service and a four staff to one guest ratio.

You can try the new Restaurant known as Uchu and located at Belmond Cap Juluca. Here, you can get served contemporary Peruvian cuisine that is fully inspired by three regions in Anguilla, which are the jungle, coast, and the Highlands.

6.        Belize

One thing to note about Belize is that it is a favorite travel destination for adventurous travelers because of its divers and rainforests. While there you will get to explore its expansive barrier reef and great blue hole.

Interestingly, Belize provides plenty of casual spots and lots of luxe resorts. In the middle of 2021, the Alaia Belize was opened. It is an autograph collection hotel located at the San Pedro on Ambergris Caye.

There have been plenty of flights to this destination as major flights are beginning to recognize its potential.

7.        Burgundy, France

The region known as Burgundy is known for one thing, which is its Burgundy wine. However, French wine should never be the only reason you have to make this place a part of your travel destination.

During the spring, Burgundy’s capital city known as Dijon will be welcoming the International City of Gastronomy and Wine. It is an expensive complex that has a new hotel, cooking school, lots of restaurants, and more than two hundred and fifty by the glass offerings.


If you need a travel destination, then look no further as the hospitality industry is more than ready to be back in business post-Covid Era. We have selected some amazing places that have the best accommodations and sightseeing places you can visit.

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